Unique, enthralling and totally unparalleled …..introducing stunning musical talent – Giulia – an incredible Italian singer/songwriter who offers a glitteringly quintessential sound of country-rock fused with a modern twist of pop. A breath of sweet, indulgent musical genius, from a gorgeous Italian Juliette.

Born in Rome, Italy in 1989, Giulia had an eclectic and well-travelled childhood. The only daughter to Marco Dona dale Rose, who was a professional polo player, and Flavia Persone who was a successful fashion entrepreneur, Giulia spent the first part of her life in Rome. At the age of 6 her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to follow her father’s passion and career in Polo. Attending British and American schools, Giulia became fluent in English and Spanish, as well as her native Italian. So it’s hardly surprising that the music she went on to create captures all the ingredients, influences and exotic tales from a childhood, which was far from ordinary.

But dark times fell on Giulia and her family in Argentian as tensions between protesters and The Government quickly escalated into full-scale riots and Argentina fell deeper into financial crisis. So at the age of 12, Giulia was whisked back to the safety of her native Italy.

But it was these early years in Argentina which made the biggest impression on Giulia musically as she was introduced to sounds which firmly embedded themselves within her subconscious and later became the foundation of her writing and recording style. An eclectic mix of classic, country, soul, Blues & Jazz where all thrown into one big melting pot for Giulia and favorites such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald could all be heard coming from her bedroom. Whilst other 12 year olds would favour more bubble gum pop, Guilia was being furnished with a sophisticated palate for music at its greatest.

Through her teenage years Giulia began to explore pop music from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s and still sights Shania Twain as one of her idols and main influence within her music, she recalls:

“When I wasn’t studying the song craft from great artist and bands such as
Aerosmith, lynyrd SkyLyrd, Kings of Leon, Avril Lavigne and Cher, I would be obsessively dreaming about one day performing in front of huge crowds – a career as a no performer just wasn’t an option, I was a fledgling artist on a one track mission.”

Giulia’s passion for music couldn’t be tamed and at the age of 11 she convinced her parents to send her to private music and singing classes with Arabella Vallone, the daughter of famous international film star and footballer, Raf Vallone. It was here that she began to implement everything that she’d learnt from the musical greats. She learnt to play the guitar and found her voice, and it was right here that Giulia made her decision that she wanted to pursue a career in music. As Giulia explains: “Arabella taught me everything that there is to know. She made me into an ‘artist’, not just a singer and she’s a vital part of what I am. I owe everything to her.”

After graduating from High School she set out on a single-minded mission to become a recording artist:

“I took the ultimate decision of entering this career as my first choice in life; so with a lot of support from my family and friends, I started moving around looking for opportunities, making demos and trying to meet and network with people to work with and progress my path in music,” Giulia states.

It was a trip to the creative melting-pot of London where she met one of the hottest UK Writer/Producers, Tom Nichols, (Celine Dion, All Saints, Sugababes, Hall & Oats and Kylie Minogue to name but a few). Giulia and Tom spent the next year perfecting her debut album – ‘Raze Me To The Ground ‘. Whilst there’s no denying the album is quintessentially Country Rock with a modern twist of Pop, the record is laced with song craft and compositions, which will become evergreen. Lead tracks such as Another Thing Coming and Love, Love, Love deliver an introduction to a musical journey, which audiences will want to listen to time and again. Nashville writer, Don Mescall (Rascal Flatts, Clay Aiken, Backstreet Boys, Ronan Keating, Boyzone, Jaydee Bixby, Ramin Karimloo, Aslan, Garou, Neal McCoy and Richie Havens) heard the album and immediately fell in love with Giulia’s sound and offered to add some finishing touches to the album – making this one of the most promising debut albums of the year.

Simultaneously, Giulia sees 2014 as her debutant year on the world’s fashion stage. Following the sudden death of her mother, who was a leading fashion figure, Giulia vowed to fulfill her mother’s wish to support a young fashion designer and catapult her to the ultimate heights in the industry. Anna Sammarone is a vibrant, cutting edge designer, who’s work is garnering mighty attention on the world-wide fashion circuit. Giuila believed in the designs so much that she has now partnered with Sammarone and they are working together on a new collection that’s already an incredible success in the US (

Fusing musical genius with irresistible style, there is no doubt that Giulia is a definite ‘one to watch’.

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